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Via Valeriani, 39 - 40134 Bologna - Italy
Tel.: 0039051/614.31.04
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Parapsychologists recognize in the Centro Studi Parapsicologici (C.S.P.) of  Bologna the most important Italian Association for the study of paranormal phenomena according to the scientific method. This Center was established since 1954. Of primary importance for C.S.P.  is the practical research for which a limited number of selected persons are working. A course for those people who wish to become researcher in the parapsychological field is ongoing. 



Purposes and activities:


  1. The study of both paranormal phenomena and those persons considered to produce them following a strict scientific methodology.
  2. The organization of conferences, congresses, and courses for beginners.
  3. The liaison between its members  and its most qualified components to obtain advices, information and instructions.
  4. The publication of a journal: Quaderni di Parapsicologia (free for the CSP Members)





All the  scientific activity, both experimental and speculative, is carried out by the so-called Research Group which is formed by scholars reputed for their scientific and cultural background. Its main concerns are:

  • The study and the control of some spontaneous phenomena
  • Experimentation on the so-called "Group Telepathy"
  • The parapsychological study of paranormal subjects
  • The theoretical problems




The Staff


President: Prof. Ferdinando Bersani

Vicepresident: Mrs. Brunilde Cassoli, Member of the Parapsychological Association

Scientific Coordinator: Dr. Bruno Severi,  Member of the Parapsychological Association

Secretary: Mr. Nerio Bonvicini

Vicesecretary: P.I. Roberto Cattabriga


  • Dr. Massimo Biondi, Member of the Parapsychological Association

  • Ing. Andrea Tinti

  • Dr. Paola Forghieri-Galletti

  • Mr. Federico Serra


Editorial Staff: Dr.Bruno Severi (Editor)

                         Mrs. Brunilde Mignani Cassoli (Editorial Coordinator)

Referees: Prof. Marianna Bolko, Mr. Nerio Bonvicini,  Mr. Giorgio Mengoli, Prof. Ferdinando Bersani




Members of the general public are welcomed, as well as people engaged in different scientific and speculative disciplines.

Membership does not imply acceptance of any particular opinion concerning the essence of the paranormal phenomena.

Besides, the membership of the CSP may be not used for advertising purposes.

For further information, please click here: Iscrizione, or write to:

To join the CSP, please write us with the following data:


First name and surname

Place and date of birth


Code, Town and State

Telephone number

E-mail address


Educational qualifications

Which are the reasons for your interest in Parapsychology? 


The annual fee is of 50 Euros





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